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Halloween Horror Nights with Tha Native

Native American hip hop artist, Tha Native, ventured out for some spooky fun with some of his Inland Empire crew.

Jerry’s killin’ that Fred Flintstone sized drumstick. It didn’t stand a chance against his prehistoric appetite. Just kidding Jerry D. We all know it was a long night.

Just walking from area to area was crazy. Check out these videos.

About to shoot some baskets. Too bad this game sucked for us all. It was near impossible to win anything.

Who doesn’t like Coke? A must for tasty caffeine during late night outings.

And to close the night, we saw the 1:30 AM performance of the Jabbaawokeez. We slipped in first with our “front of the line” passes. They were perfect seats because if we were right in front in those empty seats, we would have been breaking our necks trying to watch the dancers as they ran around during the performance.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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