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Shorty’s Garage Classic Cars & Knuckle Scars

Hello Native Nation,

I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news with you all. Our very own Tha Native has been working on a new venture, Shorty's Garage, and it's almost ready to launch. For those who don't know, Shorty's Garage Classic Cars & Knuckle Scars, is the ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts and fans of Tha Native, Shorty's Garage, and Voodoo Nation LLC.

Located in the heart of Highland, California, this one-of-a-kind establishment promises to take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of classic cars and knuckle scars. Step into Shorty's Garage and prepare to be amazed. The showroom showcases an impressive collection of iconic vehicles that have left their mark on pop culture. Imagine standing face to face with the infamous Christine, the possessed car from the horror movie that gave nightmares to a generation.

And that's just the beginning! Feast your eyes on Cheech and Chong's legendary ice cream truck, adding a touch of nostalgia and humor to the mix. And who could forget the adrenaline-fueled F-Bomb from the Fast and the Furious franchise, a symbol of raw power and speed.

But Shorty's Garage goes beyond showcasing movie-used vehicles. We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom designs that push the boundaries of imagination. Get ready to be blown away by the apocalyptic wasteland security all-terrain vehicle, a masterpiece that combines ruggedness, innovation, and post-apocalyptic aesthetics. Our team of skilled craftsmen will leave you in awe with their attention to detail and passion for automotive artistry. While you're here, indulge in some retail therapy. Shorty's Garage offers an extensive selection of merchandise for you to take home. From t-shirts and hoodies to hats and stickers, you'll find the perfect way to show off your love for all things automotive. And if you're in need of a pick-me-up, we've got you covered. Treat yourself to a cup of our specialty coffee, and satisfy your sweet tooth with our mouthwatering candies and snacks.

At Shorty's Garage, we believe in honoring the community that surrounds us. That's why we pay homage to the city of Highland, celebrating its rich history and vibrant culture. But we don't stop there. Within our walls, you'll discover a dedicated museum showcasing priceless artifacts from the Serrano tribe. Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of the indigenous people who have shaped this land for centuries. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience at Shorty's Garage.

Whether you're a car enthusiast, a movie buff, or a fan of music, Shorty's Garage. will soon open their doors to welcome you into a world of automotive, Art, & cultural wonders. Get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you breathless and longing for more. Shorty's Garage Classic Cars & Knuckle Scars awaits, ready to ignite your passion for cars and awaken your sense of adventure."


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