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New Website from Voodoo Nation LLC

What do you know about the new website from Voodoo Nation LLC? Well, it’s new and only recently launched. Some things are still being worked out and finished up like some of the associated websites. For example, So Cal Clothing Company, which is a Voodoo Nation LLC venture. The website is up for you to take a look at -- -- but full functionality and the ability to shop is not yet completed. There are more internal details and logistics that need to be completed.

There’s also a link to which features classic cars from Tha Native’s personal collection. The full name is: Shorty’s Garage - Classic Cars and Knuckle Scars. There are only a couple of rides featured at the moment, but more are on the way. If you know Tha Native, you know he loves classic cars and has several in his garages. Beautiful cars for sure!

There are other links to more ventures by Tha Native and Voodoo Nation LLC, but let’s move on to the artists now. Two artists are featured on the main Voodoo Nation LLC website in addition to Tha Native. They are OG Cuicide and BlazemUp. You can find YouTube links on the website to some of their new 2020 music videos. I’ll go ahead and leave the links here as well: and

Please check out their videos and give them some love with a like, a subscribe and also share them on your social media accounts if you are so inclined to do so. We, and they, will greatly appreciate the shout outs. And let’s not forget about Tha Native. You’ll also find a link to one of his latest 2020 videos as well: This is an animated video. If you haven’t seen it yet, you gotta go check it out now and give some love.

More updates coming soon as we slowly but surely get past this terrible pandemic. Vaccines are on the way and as soon as it is safe, you know the big shows, and smaller ones, will be back in full force. Trust me, no one at Voodoo Nation LLC is sleeping during this time. No one is hiding out in a bunker. Plans are being made and executed. I hope you all stay tuned and keep up with us and what we are doing. Thanks! Take care and stay safe!


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