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It’s Going Down

Hello everyone! Sorry that it's been soooo long since the last post. Things have been crazy. If you ever follow at all what I do and what I’ve mentioned of myself, Ryan Harrison, you know that I traded life in the big bad I.E. several years ago for Europe. Mostly Hungary and Portugal. And it was amazing. Was. Now I’m back with my wife and youngest child, but not in the I.E. Ohio.

Of course during all this I’ve been pumping out blogs from Europe along with some videos here and there that were a fun collaboration between me, Ryan, and Alex, Tha Native’s graphic artist. And I can’t forget to mention that I had people in Europe, mostly Bucharest, Romania that helped get the final product done. You can find these videos on YouTube at Tha Native’s YouTube channel

With that said, I wanted to mention a video that I really liked when it came out several months ago. I’ve noticed that the views since it came out are quite low considering the quality of the video and the song itself.

The song is called It’s Going Down. Let’s get this thing the views it deserves. View and SHARE SHARE SHARE everyone!!! Support Tha Native and share this song on your Facebook page ASAP. Here is the link to the video for you to share

This was a professionally done video. This is not one of the simpler videos that I helped out with from Europe. The videos done while I was in Europe were an effort to make something cool and quick that could be put out and made accessible on YouTube.

It’s Going Down is a true professional quality video made in black & white giving it a special dark and ominous quality. Listening to the lyrics, and the unique delivery of the lyrics by Tha Native, they too have a dark and ominous feel. Not to mention the hype beat and a chorus that includes Native American singers once again gives it that distinct touch that many songs by The Native have.

The singers in the chorus, along with the rest of the song, have sort of a haunting sound that reminds me of hooded Apache crown dancers that I’ve seen at some pow wows in past years. I once took an ex-girlfriend to a pow wow at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside where some were dancing. When they came near us she grabbed onto me tightly in fear. I found it to be pretty funny. But I do realize that this song will arouse different emotions in different people. It just depends on our upbringing and experiences.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about regarding Apache crown dancers, I’ll be sure to send some photos to Alex so that he can upload them here for you all to see.

Thanks everyone! And I promise to start pushing out these blogs again on a regular basis. And I hope to be in the I.E. one day again soon and visit some of you loyal supporters of Tha Native.


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