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If you follow Tha Native on social media, you should already know some of this information. But, this will be a nice, little summary of what he has recently accomplished and what’s coming up very soon.

First off, Tha Native recently released a new animated music video on YouTube for his new single titled: Shout Out to Myself. Here’s the link to the video: Song download still to come on iTunes, Spotify, and other music download sites.

This video was made with the help of the animator Cardioville. Here’s their IG: Fun fact, Tha Native did voice over work on one of Cardioville’s videos as the character, Uncle Wahi. You can find this character listed here on their website: Just scroll down about half way to find Tha Native’s character. As for the video he was in, you can view it here on YouTube:

Okay, so what’s coming up next? A brand new song with the music video dropping soon. How soon? June 7, 2021. The name of this new song is: What do you Mean. There are a number of photos and videos from the music video shoot. Here’s one so that you can get an idea of the video as well as a little clip of the music:

What else is going on? Well, the website has been up for a little while now. As you may know, Tha Native has a lot of classic cars that he has been restoring and will now be offering them for sale. You can visit Shorty’s Garage in person or go to the website to see the latest listings. You can find the address and contact info on the website so that you can arrange a viewing. My current favorite is the 65 Impala drop top.

Lastly, MERCH MERCH MERCH!! Check out for the latest Voodoo Nation merch. You can find some merch for OG Cuicide, Tha Native, Shorty’s Garage, and more.


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