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Merry Christmas - Be Safe, Be Smart - Trouble Music Video

Firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there, and thank you to everyone who reads Tha Native Blog, and an extra thank you to those who are kind enough to share it on their social media platforms. Thank you so much.

Speaking of Christmas and the holidays, we all hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We know some of you didn’t want the government telling you what to do and you decided to have a typical Thanksgiving despite the dangers. As a direct result of many people who did this, the pandemic has worsened and the hospitals, especially the ICUs, are at capacity or worse. I even saw one hospital that had to create new areas to hold patients recently including their gift shop; because of Thanksgiving foolishness.

To those of you who think you are patriots, and appreciate the freedom and liberty that you have in America, and you want to flex that freedom and say that no one is going to tell you what to do and take away your freedom. Realize that we are just talking about sacrificing one Thanksgiving. One Christmas. One new year celebration. You really cannot do that to help your fellow Americans? To help America crush the virus by sacrificing one holiday season?

Think of how many of our fellow Americans in uniform all around the world who on a regular basis must make sacrifices. Think of how many holidays they have missed and will miss in the future. How many birthdays and anniversaries they had to miss because they were deployed to a war zone. And you, you who think you are such great patriots, you cannot sacrifice for a few more months to help save your fellow Americans? Our brothers and sisters are sacrificing all the time overseas, but you can’t for a few more months while they do it for years. You will possibly be directly responsible for other peoples’ deaths and/or hospital stays in the ICU, which might not even be a real ICU because the lack of space all over, and especially in places like California.

So please consider the hardships that many people have gone through before you and before this time. Think what your parents sacrificed for you or what your grandparents or great grandparents sacrificed or simply went through, like the great depression. So many of us are spoiled and cannot imagine restricting ourselves for a short while. I mean, if you think this pandemic is fake, well I guess I’m not talking to you because you are clearly too stupid and/or too self-centered to understand any of this. But for the rest of you, think of the sacrifices you will make as saving some lives because that is exactly what you will be doing.

And also remember that while you might be young and healthy and can easily survive the virus, can your parents or grandparents survive it if you pass it to them? Think about that. Please think about that. Be safe and save lives. It is that simple and it is that serious. Yes, the vaccine is being distributed, but lives are being lost by the thousands every day and it may get worse before it gets better despite the vaccine being rolled out right now. We just got to hold out a little longer and stop giving it life by actively spreading while doing unnecessary things.

With that said, I wanted to recommend a good song from Tha Native to listen to that has quite a serious message. In my opinion, it’s about peoples’ troubles and the hardships that they have gone through and the direct effect of one’s actions, or inaction, on others. I also implore you to read the message right below the video. Words directly from Tha Native that will give you some insight before listening and watching the video. Yes, please don’t just watch, listen very carefully.

And then think about how good your life is right now compared to many others, or how maybe it is not as good as you would like, but it could be much worse. And the fact is, you can turn it around if you choose to. If you are not happy with it, you can change it. But most importantly, you must take action. You can’t simply hope for the best. You can’t just hope things get better naturally and without any effort on your part. It takes us all working together to create real, lasting change. We must all look out for each other. Isn’t that how it would work in a perfect world? We would all look out for each other. We must do that now. Especially now and starting immediately if you haven’t done so yet.

Thank you as always for reading this. I don’t write this lightly and I mean everything I say. I have been thinking about this for a while now and I hope I can get through to some of you who plan to blow off all of the restrictions during the coming holidays. We must sacrifice now for a better future. That better future is coming very soon. But only if we look after each other and stay away from trouble.


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