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New Single AGA by Tha Native

Hello everyone! With the latest official release of the single AGA, Tha Native has moved one step closer to the promised full album, M.A.N.A. With each new single the fan/listener can get a better and better idea of what new sound, or sounds, will be heard on M.A.N.A.

With several years having passed since Tha Native’s first two album releases under the name of Short Dawg Tha Native, Short Stories and The Black Sheep, of course he has been interested and has explored new sounds with new collaborators.

Some songs, like one of my new favorites, Go Get Your Paypah !!!, featuring legendary hip-hop artist E-40, has a very fun and exciting feel to it, in my opinion, and one that could easily be a huge club banger with a lot of radio appeal, too. Speaking of radio appeal, my other big favorite is Gangster. On Gangster we get to hear a little singing by Tha Native as well as some singing by Breana Marin. I think this song doesn’t just have huge radio appeal, it’s also the perfect song for the summer, assuming you dig this kind of music. It’s got just that right sound to help you forget about this whole Covid-19 nightmare we are all unfortunately dealing with.

As for AGA, its got a nice trap high hat sound and could easily be a club banger, for when the day comes that we can all get back into the clubs. The beat grabs you immediately, as do the vocals. But what really gets into your head and won’t leave for hours, “AGA Money, AGA Love, AGA Wisdom and Respect. AGA Money, AGA Love, AGA Wisdom and Respect” Serious!! It’s catchy as hell!

You can go download AGA from iTunes right now at watch the video here: listen to it on Spotify here:

Don’t forget to hit up Tha Native on Social Media using the links at the top of this screen. Thanks and Stay Safe! 


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