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MANA, by Tha Native, coming soon.

I’ve been saying for a long time that a full album is in the works. You must have thought I was lying as I started saying that about three years ago. But surely enough, single after single after single was released.

One of the first singles ended up having Bay area legend, Too $hort, added to it, and only a one minute sample was ever released on YouTube ten months ago for you all to hear:

I’m still excited to hear the newest version with Too $hort on it. I heard the full original before he was added and it was truly a club banger for reals.

As I was saying, I kept hollering about a new album on its way for the last three years or so and now, finally, I can see the sun coming up on the horizon of that promise. There’s even a name for it, MANA; Make America Native Again.

So I wasn’t blowing smoke up anyone’s you know what all this time. Tha Native was consistently recording and touring during all of this time. If you saw him live, then you got to hear him perform some of these new songs that will inevitably make it to the full album, MANA.

Do I have a release date yet? No, I don’t. But I can assure you it will be here very soon and that you should follow Tha Native on social media to get news on all the latest singles and the exact date you can purchase the full album. With that said, I’ll leave you with a link to one of the latest singles that will surely be on the full album.


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