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Longing for those good ol’ days

Well, if you haven’t noticed, we are all aching for those good ol’ days from before the pandemic hit. Sitting around at home, going through and maybe organizing old photos and videos feeling nostalgic from previous summers and previous years in general.  Last year around this same time Tha Native dropped the new single, Gangster, featuring Breana Marin; and then, as usual, performed with his mother’s band at San Manuel Casino every so many weeks.

The summer before that, 2018, Tha Native kicked off the summer by performing at West Coast Summer Fest with OG Cuicide. Then later in the month of June performed at Vans Warped Tour. In August, he performed at the 420 Games in San Francisco, and at the end of the summer, Tha Native joined The Gift of Gab tour with rap legend E-40, with the first show being at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA on August 29th. Here’s an old blog post from the tour, which includes several photos including one with OG Cuicide and several fans

Tha Native actually did two tours with E-40 over the last couple of years before the pandemic. And from that business relationship with E-40 came one of my favorite recent singles, Go Get Your Paypah!!!, which you can check out and download from iTunes here: And here is the YouTube video if you prefer that: And you can also get it on Spotify here:

And while I’m at it, here is the iTunes link for Gangster And the Spotify link for Gangster:

  Well, we all hope and pray that this pandemic will come to an end soon. A cure and excellent treatment are just over the horizon. Things will get back to normal. Tours and festivals will be planned and eventually started and we’ll all have a lot of fun together once again. We will all roam around again feeling as safe as we once did. This is all like a big test and a lot of crazy shit has gone down and continues to go down to this day. But, hopefully, we will all learn something and grow from these experiences and gain enough wisdom to hopefully build a stronger and safer future for us all and especially for the generations to come. 


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