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Tha Native Live this Weekend with Full Circle!

You may or may not be familiar with the fact that Tha Native’s mom has a band, called Full Circle, that often performs live at San Manuel Casino. And you may or may not be familiar with the fact that Tha Native, when not performing live at hip-hop shows, concerts, and festivals, does vocals with her band at San Manuel Casino. As I may have mentioned in previous blogs, this usually happens about once a month and it’s about that time again.

Yes!, this weekend he will be preforming live at San Manuel Casio in Highland, CA. You can come see him if you meet the requirements. What are they? Good question because we don’t want you to make the trek there and find out you did it for nothing. You must dress meeting certain guideline standards and be at least 21 years old with a government issued photo ID proving that.

As for the clothing, well I got this straight from their website. These are things you can’t wear or change into after arriving: Torn clothing, Baggy clothing, Plain white t-shirts, Hooded sweatshirts, tank tops (Female spaghetti strap-type attire permitted), Gym-type/athletic attire of any type (sweats, break-aways, etc.) Jerseys or jersey-style shirts Hats or headwear of any kind (hats, visors, ball caps, do-rags or bandanas etc.)

As for the music, Friday night is Latin music night. Saturday night is mostly a mix of top 40, Latin, and R&B. For more details like cover charge and all that, please check out their website here:

I’ve been to these nights several times and have had a lot of fun; and a lot of alcohol. It’s best to come early to avoid lines. I would say try to arrive by about 7:30 PM. The band should start performing about an hour later. This is also a great way to see Tha Native up close and say “hi” and maybe get a photo together. He never refuses photos from anyone. He’d be more than happy to do so.

So come on out this weekend and have some fun with Tha Native and family. Plan to dance and hear some great hit music performed live by Tha Native and Full Circle. And, as always, thanks for visiting Tha Native Blog and please be sure to subscribe to Tha Native’s social media accounts. The links are at the top of this page.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rapper

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