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Tha Native Spreading Christmas Joy

Tight on money or just want to win some dope prizes? Then this would be an excellent time to start following Tha Native on Instagram.

Yup! He’s giving away all kinds of amazing gifts during this season of giving. In addition to giving a very close friend a brand new Toyota, he has also given away some PS4s. There’s also an Instagram photo of him holding some gift cards. I imagine they’ll be up for grabs shortly.

So what do you need to do? Well, as I said, start following Tha Native on instagram ASAP. There is no end date of when he’ll stop giving away gifts to his followers. The sooner you start following, the better your chances of winning a PS4 or some other amazing prize.

And please check out Spotify or iTunes for Tha Native’s latest single featuring E-40 and Loomis, Go Get Your Paypah!!! This was just recently released so go take a listen and hit Tha Native back with some feedback on his new single. You can also listen to for his latest single among many other songs by Tha Native and his close friend, OG Cuicide.

Thanks for visiting Tha Native’s Blog, now go get your ass to Instagram. There’s a link to Tha Native’s IG account at the top of this page. Hurry!!

Native American Rap, American Indian Rapper, Native American Hip Hop, Native American Rapper,Inland Empire Hip Hop, Inland Empire Rapper, American Indian Hip Hop Artist

Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rapper

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