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The Gift of Gab Tour is almost over!

Hello friends!! The Gift of Gab Tour with E40 and OG Cuicide is coming to an end soon. We really hope you went to one or more of the shows or will soon before the good times end. Well, end for now, not forever.

As of today (Sept 20) there are three more shows scheduled including tonight at Roseland Theater in Portland, OR. PDX friends, we hope to see you there and having fun.

How much fun is everyone having? Well, here’s a sample of some unreleased music and what we do while on tour when not on stage. There’s actually a quick shot or two on stage. But hey, enjoy the new tunes. We hope you like it. Please comment below and let us know what you think.

The last two shows wil be tomorrow night (Sept. 21) at Mateel Community Center in Redman, CA and then the following night, September 22, at The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, CA.

As always, check out the links above to Tha Native’s social media accounts. Please stay connected to get all the latest info on Tha Native. Thanks!!

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rapper

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