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Gift of Gab Tour with Tha Native

As you must undoubtedly know by now, Tha Native will once again join E-40 on tour. The first show will be at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA on August 29. And if you’ve been following the blog or Tha Native on social media, you probably remember that he joined E-40 last year for his On One Tour, which was a lot of fun for everyone. We hope for the same this year.

This year Tha Native will join E-40 for 21 different shows in the U.S. and Canada. As of right now it will be 21 shows including one in Vancouver, British Columbia. Who knows, maybe more dates will be added. But at this time, 21 is a lot of shows for what is basically a West Coast tour stretching out as far as Boise, ID.

Some of the other states on the tour will be: California, of course, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. So you see, you West Coast residents are quite lucky. You can see IE’s native boy and hip-hop artist, Tha Native, with legendary rapper and entrepreneur, E-40.

For more information and specifics for the tour, check out Tha Native’s Facebook and Instagram pages here: &

During the tour I will do my best to keep in contact with Tha Native and his DJ, Mark 19, so like last year I can keep you updated with photos and videos of the tour. Don’t be a stranger and come back soon. Better yet, use the social media links above and start following Tha Native. Every show date and blog will be posted to them along with all sorts of photos and videos. Thanks!!

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