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Tha Native Presents The 2018 San Francisco 420 Games

Once again Tha Native will be at the 420 Games; this time in beautiful and ultra cannabis friendly San Francsico. You may remember earlier this year when Tha Native was a big part of the 420 games in Los Angeles. That event was a two day event whereas the event this weekend will be Saturday only.

If you didn’t know, The 420 Games was created to disprove the stereotype that marijuana users are lazy people. On the contrary, there a numerous professional athletes and business professionals who are regular consumers of cannabis products. Some of them will be present for the 420 Games this weekend.

This event will be held specifically at Spreckels Temple of Music, also called the "Bandshell", which is within the famous and beautiful Golden Gate Park. It will kick off at 9:00am with some exercise by way of walking, jogging, skating or however you like for 4.20 miles followed by a yoga cool-down. The next part, which would probably be my favorite, 2.5 hours of Beer Tasting featuring Lagunitas Brewing Company from 11:00am to 1:30pm. And you can bet there will be more athletic events and lots of good live music, including and especially by your favorite IE hip-hop artist, Tha Native. The event should wrap up around 2:00pm.

In addition, there will be numerous industry exhibitors, educational speeches and more. For further information and tickets, please visit the page for this event at:

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rapper

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