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Tha Native live at Vans Warped Tour

Alright! It’s finally here. The infamous Vans Warped Tour and your boy, Tha Native, IE reppin’, will be there performing live this Thursday.

Please make sure you get tickets right away, although you can buy them at the show if you have a problem buying them ahead of time. There will be several stages each with their own lineup of artists. Tha Native will be performing at the FULL SAIL STAGE. Don’t forget this crucial information or you’ll miss him.

If you didn’t see the last blog, it has a lot of information and links regarding getting tickets and all that kind of stuff. Go check it out now:

So you know the Vans Warped Tour is Thursday, but you can’t make it and you’re really upset because you want to hang out with Tha Native and see him perform live. Well, you’re in luck. July 22 he’ll be in Los Angeles for the Torres Empire Supershow.

This is a low rider show with music and much more. The show will be at the LA Convention Center, which is located at 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015. The Show begins at 8:30am. For more info you can check out their website at

According to their website you can buy tickets at the show, which might be a good option at this point because I personally don’t see that the ticket option on their site works properly. Maybe they’ll get it fixed soon.

Well anyways, thanks for checking out the latest blog. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows.

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