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Tha Native live at Krush Groove and 2018 VANS Warped Tour

Big news! This Saturday, April 21st at 7:30 PM, Tha Native will be performing live at the legendary Forum in Inglewood, CA. The previous home of the L.A. Lakers and Kings for over thirty years. And what about musical acts? Almost every huge star of the 70s and 80s played at The Forum. Parliament-Funkadelic; Paul McCartney; Elvis Presley; Led Zeppelin; Deep Purple; Do I need to go on because I can? Okay then, Cream; The Rolling Stones; The Jackson 5; Eagles; Diana Ross. This place has some serious history. What an honor to perform at such a place.

What’s also an honor is to be sharing a stage with REAL hip-hop legends like Ice Cube, Method Man, Redman, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, DJ Quik, Warren G and Kurupt. How absolutely exciting is that? To play in a legendary arena with a huge group of hip-hop legends. It will be a night to remember I’m sure. Don’t miss it.

For tickets just visit and do a search for, “Krush Groove”. You’ll see listed, “93.5 KDAY Presents Krush Groove”. From there you’ll be able to choose your tickets while viewing an image of the arena so you’ll know almost precisely where your seats will be at. And there are still tickets for only $40 so don’t mess around, hurry and go get your damn tickets before there aren’t any left.

Have you noticed the image at the top right of the screen? It’s a speaker with the logo for OTB Hip Hop. OTB Hip Hop radio station plays several tracks by Tha Native on a regular basis. You may already know that. But now they also play one or more tracks by Tha Native’s good friend, OG Cuicide. OG Cuicide has been mentioned in a previous blog. You can check out OG Cuicide on Instagram at He’s got a lot of interesting things to share including a sample of his latest single, Tragedy. Tragedy is a very personal and real heartfelt hip-hop song about his own personal struggles. Check it out.

So what if you can’t make it to this weekend’s event? Well, that really sucks. But you can look ahead to exactly one month later where Tha Native will be playing at the 2018 VANS Warped Tour. It will be held at The Pomona Fairplex. Get over to and get your tickets right away.

And as always, if you aren’t already following Tha Native on Social Media, the links are at the top of this page. Thanks for visiting. See ya soon!

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rapper

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