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GreenWayLA & Native OG Moonrocks

Tha Native will be at another cannabis themed event this Thursday evening, December 14 from 6PM - 11PM, in Los Angeles, CA. He will be performing and selling his new goodies, Native OG Moonrocks, which is an amazing new cannabis product. You can find information for this event and purchase tickets using this link:

If you aren’t yet familiar with Tha Native’s latest project, check out Native OG Moorocks on Instagram here:

Also stay in touch as Tha Native will be doing an interview very soon with OTB Hip Hop radio station. Audio or video of that interview will be posted soon after. And if you aren’t familiar with that radio station, you can visit their Facebook page at

That link will take you to a part of their FB page that streams the station’s music. Please leave us a comment on their music at Tha Native’s FB page They play several tracks by Tha Native including his brand new single, #EWTIG (Everywhere That I Go).

One last thing; we had a special visual style music video made for Tha Native’s new single, #EWTIG. Actually a few. We want to get your input on which is your favorite. Another one will be made soon and then we will probably narrow it down to two and then allow you to decide on the favorite, which will be the official video until a more typical style video is made. And it’s a bit difficult to explain what these videos look like except to say that it’s not simply a photo with music playing and it’s not exactly a regular video either. I hope you’re curious. See you soon.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rapper

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