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Orange County Block Party 2017

Alright everyone, get ready for an all day event in the OC this weekend. And who doesn’t like visiting the OC? We don’t love the traffic from the IE to the OC, but we still go. It’s a great place to visit with a lot of things to see and do. Speaking of things to see and do, make sure you go this weekend, Saturday, November the 11th from 2 to 10 PM. And make sure you go early to get parking and all that plus, of course, to see Tha Native live on stage 1. Yes, there will be multiple stages with an amazingly long and eclectic list of musicians. And your friend, Tha Native, is scheduled to go on at 2:35 PM on stage 1. Notice I repeated myself? Stage 1 So here are some of the details, and sorry if I repeat myself: It’s this Saturday, November 11. It starts at 2:00 PM in downtown Santa Ana; also known as Downtown Santa Ana Historic District. Maybe you’ve been before. It’s going to be spread out into several streets. There will be some public parking lots, so plan on finding one right away and paying to park. There are going to be over 25 different artists and groups performing. The styles of music range from hip-hop to Oldies to Spanish and many more. For more details on the artists and tickets and all that, please visit this website right away:

I could go on and on and tell you about the food vendors and price of tickets and the fact that Tha Native will be going on at 2:35 PM, but you can check that website I just listed for those details and much more. Also to note, it should be like 73 degrees that day in Santa Ana. Oh man, that sounds super nice. But it will probably be a bit sunny so make sure you bring some sunblock. It’s those nice cool days that you don’t realize you’re getting a sun burn. It just kind of sneaks up on you. And don’t forget to bring your state ID because there will be a drinking area for those of you who are 21 years and older. And you could imagine this is not a cannabis themed event so do your smoking before hand.

Alright, we hope to see you there and please check the website before going for ticket information and parking and all that. It will save you a big headache if you do. And if you think you might go, please visit Tha Native’s Facebook page for this event at and indicate if you think you’ll be going or even if you are simply just interested at this point. And if you aren’t “following” Tha Native yet on Facebook, please go follow now. Thanks and see you soon.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Ra

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