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Octurnal featuring 2 Chainz, Tha Native and more in Ontario, California

That’s right. Tha Native will be performing live this Thursday night at 7PM with 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Famous Dex and many more hip hop stars. They will be live at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. That’s right here in Tha Native’s own backyard of the I.E.

If you’re from the I.E., I don’t need to tell you where Ontario is at. But you may or may not have seen the arena from the 10 freeway. And it is visible from the freeway. I’ve seen it. It’s right down the street from the Ontario Mills Mall and across the freeway from the Ontario International Airport. How can you miss it?

And it’s a very nice place to see a concert. I’ve been there once for a concert a few years back. It almost doesn’t matter where you’re seated; it’s that sort of place. But tickets are limited and many sections are sold out already. It’s sure to be lit so get those tickets quick.

You can snatch some up at Ticketmaster. The web link is super long so go check out the Facebook page for the show at and you’ll see the button for tickets there. Or you can easily search “Octurnal” at and you’ll see “Xperi Live Presents Octurnal with 2 Chainz & Friends” pop up. That’s the show. Now go buy some tickets. Thanks :)

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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