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Thank you and How The West Was Won

Hello everyone! I first want to say thank you for reading the most recent blog post by Tha Native. Or at least the most recent one as of early October 2017. We deeply appreciate everyone’s support who read the blogs, buy the music, watch the videos, and especially those who come out to the shows. And speaking of shows, thank you to everyone who came out and supported Tha Native at a recent show in Moreno Valley.

And sorry there wasn’t notice for his most recent show, but Tha Native did have the amazing privilege of being part of How The West Was Won last weekend at San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA. It was something he was hoping to do, but didn’t get confirmation until the last second. Like a very real last second situation. He literally went from being a spectator hanging out in the VIP with some artists to being asked to perform. Luckily he came prepared with music in hand so he was ready to go when asked. He then went on to perform in front of 15,000 excited Hip Hop fans.

There should be another blog post coming up really soon when we get the photos back from the photographer. Then you can all see Tha Native on stage at How The West Was Won. Also, we should have more information about another show coming up really soon. It’s called SHATTER CUP and will be at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, CA. Part of the amazing lineup will include Rick Ross, The Game, Juicy J, and many more. That will be a two day event on October 7th and 8th. In fact, if you want to get more information on that event right now, like tickets and such, you can go to I mean, it’s only 4 days away so don’t procrastinate.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who came out for the tour with E40 or at least kept in contact with Tha Native via social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you don’t follow Tha Native at this time on social media, there are links to all of his accounts at the top of this page.

But during the tour there were many posts on Instagram and a few blog posts focused just on the tour. And if you were following along or maybe saw some video clips on his Instagram or his DJ’s Instagram, you know that Tha Native has been working on some new songs. While these new songs, and there are at least four in the works, haven’t been released yet on iTunes or elsewhere, you can still download several other really great songs by Tha Native. But keep in mind, these other songs were released before he shortened his name to Tha Native. Prior to Tha Native he had two albums released under the name of Short Dawg Tha Native.

So here is my advice, and we would be really happy and thankful if you did this. Search for Short Dawg Tha Native on iTunes and take a listen to his older tracks. And I actually wanted to steer you towards one particularly positive song called Change the World. It’s a song I’d never heard until I downloaded the entire album entitled: Tha Black Sheep.

This really wonderful song made a very nice impression on me and I just simply loved the melody and everything about it including the lyrics. And the reason why I even mention it is because it’s not a song you’d hear played live in a show. I’ve been to several shows and never had I heard it performed. But this song, which is the last song on a huge 20 track album, and that’s all music tracks, not talking and skits and such, this song really grew on me quickly. I mean, when you got an album with 20 tracks and several of them are what I think of as exceptional indie Hip Hop tracks, it might take a while to make it to number 20. But I did and I’m glad it happened.

Another thing to note is that I, Ryan Harrison, have a young daughter who is a fan of Tha Native as an artist and a person. She has met him a number of times and she really likes him a lot as well as his very friendly English Bull Dog that she had fun playing with on a few occasions. And anyways, this song, Change the World, is luckily one of his tracks that has no adult language in it so I’m luckily able to play this track as much as I like around her without any worries. And this is one of those tracks by Tha Native that she likes to listen to.

So my point is please go to iTunes and look up this song Change the World by Short Dawg Tha Native and see if you enjoy it as much as we do. And feel confident knowing that if you have young kids like I do, you can blast this awesome song without worry of uncomfortable questions afterwards, if you know what I mean.

Thank you again for the support and we hope to see in the future.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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