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OTB Hip Hop Official Launch and Songs by Tha Native

We now have the official launch date and time for OTB Hip Hop: Friday July 21st. And with that launch will be a special play list that is still being finalized. We are told it will be at least 3 hours in length and will include many all-time Hip Hop favorites, many current tracks, and at least one or two by Tha Native.

Also, there will probably be three different times for the launch. One will be for West Coast time. One for East Coast. And one will be for Berlin, Budapest, and Paris, which are all in the same time zone, which is one hour ahead of London. Why a special launch time for that European time zone? Basically because that’s where the station’s home base is at, although it is an Internet station and music will be played around the clock, 24 hours a day. The official launch should be at approximately 8:00PM for each time zone.

As for songs by Tha Native, we are told to expect at least Road Warrior to be played within the first hour plus another track or two after that. As an Internet radio station they are unable to play more than one song by the same artist within an hour so even if they wished to play every song from Tha Native’s last full album, The Black Sheep, they can’t.

But the very best news is that they plan to play several tracks by Tha Native on a regular basis. At least 2-3 should be in regular rotation not including his new, unreleased tracks that were played during his most recent tour with E-40. We understand at least two of those, if not four, will likely get a lot of airplay; especially if they get positive feedback from listeners. So please visit OTB Hip Hop’s social media accounts and tell them how you feel about Tha Native and what songs you want them to play.

We also want to congratulate Tha Native’s good friend, Road FC Champ, Mighty Mo, for winning his most recent title defense in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday.

We mentioned in the last blog post that there will be various ways to listen to OTB Hip Hop. Below is their website followed by a number of websites that carry the station’s stream. You could easily listen to it on their website as well as their Facebook page by clicking the “Radio Stream” link at the top of the far left column. And please provide us with some feedback on what you think of the music they play if you decide to listen. And let us know what songs you hear by Tha Native. We’d love to know.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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