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Photos From the Tour and More

As previously promised, we have more random photos from the tour to share with you all. Maybe you’ve been wondering if you’re going to show up in any of them. Well, take a look below and see if you can find yourself or maybe someone else that you know.

But before that, let me remind you again, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard, Tha Native will be performing at The No Label Festival in San Bernardino, CA on July 22. We’ve mentioned this for the first time probably several weeks ago, but now it’s getting even closer. So if you are one who doesn’t like to plan too far into the future, but not too last second either, start making plans to be at this very unique event in the heart of the Inland Empire.

Also, I just found out while in the middle of writing this blog that there should be at least one more show before the No Label Festival. Unfortunately I don’t have any specifics yet. I’m just happy there is something else in the works before that.

And if you’re hoping to read some updated news regarding when one of the new tracks will be available for purchase that were played during the E-40 tour, I’m sorry, it’s still too soon to say. You’ll have to keep checking back. And as I’ve said many times before, Tha Native has several social media accounts and all the links are at the top of this page. And if you’re going to follow one or more of his accounts I strongly suggest Facebook and then Instagram and Twitter if you have an account with them. If you at least follow Tha Native on Facebook you should be the first to hear all the latest news regarding shows and new music.

Now on to the photos…

These first few are some new friends Tha Native made while touring. The one with Tha Native holding a picture is with a traveling artist known as Pop Up Charlie. You can find him on Instagram at Pretty cool stuff there.

The next few involve Tha Native getting the crowd into the show. Tha Native with his DJ, Mark19. And then DJ Mark19’s perspective of the show.

Down to the last two for the moment, although I have several more. But these have been the best and many others are just similar or alternative shots of basically the same thing. And I’m confident there are many more out there I might get. Also please check out this link which is part of this site. You’ll find photos from all of Tha Native’s shows. It’s sort of an index so if you’ve been to a show, there’s an excellent chance there’s photos there.

So anyways, these last two are just a couple random shots I know nothing about. The first appears to be Tha Native with a giant raven. I think it’s just a really cool shot. Tha Native sitting on the thick, green grass. The red brick building. The cloudy, blue sky above. And then of course the giant raven for who knows what reason. Lastly is what must be the tour bus. You can probably find some more photos and videos on Mark19’s Instagram of the tour bus plus a whole lot more photos and videos from the tour. Check it out:

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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