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Tha Native Wraps Up E-40 Tour

I have good news and bad news. But, there is much more good news than bad news. The bad news first: The tour with E-40 has ended. The good news: Tha Native performed four new, unreleased songs during the tour. This means that these new songs must be close to being finished in the studio; or that they have been completely finished and will be available to purchase soon. At least one or two very soon and before waiting for a full album to come out; I hope.

What’s more? The audiences that heard these new songs performed live gave very positive feedback. On top of that, I know that there are even more hot tracks that still need to be finished and with the Tour being concluded, Tha Native can get back in the recording studio and get those tracks knocked out soon.

And then there is more good news. Tha Native never stops performing. If you saw him on tour for the first time and want to see him again soon, check his website,, and you’ll find his upcoming events. For example, July 22, 2017 he’ll be performing live at the No Label festival in San Bernardino, CA. If that’s too far into the future for you, follow Tha Native on Social Media (links are at the top of this page) and you’ll be updated right away when something else becomes scheduled and official.

And for the third time in three consecutive blogs, more photos from the tour provided to me by Tha Native’s DJ, MARK19; enjoy.

The first two photos are a sort of contrast between Tha Native performing in a packed house and Tha Natve relaxing between shows while keeping in contact with family and friends back home. Or maybe he’s just browsing Instagram.

In that same packed house, not sure which venue, Tha Native decides to take a selfie with the crowd.

The next two consist of one with fellow tour member, Skinny Pete and his manager. And then one with a couple fans who got some new hats with Tha Native’s name on them. Gotta love fans who buy merch. Thanks ladies.

And speaking of packed houses, look at the crowd in Santa Cruz. Nice!

These last three are at Revolution in Idaho. They are of Tha Native performing his song Short Dawg. You might or might not realize he made a music video for this song late last year, which you can find on YouTube. And check out his Native Arms jacket. Curious what Native Arms is all about? Go to their website:

Native American Rap, American Indian Rapper, Native American Hip Hop, Native American Rapper, Inland Empire Hip Hop, Inland Empire Rapper, American Indian Hip Hop Artist

Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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