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Touring with E-40

As Tha Native wraps up his shows with E-40 in Canada, he’ll start to make his way back into the U.S. He’ll first hit Idaho in the Northwest then over to Utah and Colorado after that. But it’s easy to find a schedule of the On One E-40 tour. There was one in the last blog and you can also find one on his Facebook page

During the tour I’ve been in contact with Tha Native’s DJ, MARK19. MARK19 has sent me a number of photos and videos so I can share them on the blog. This will be my first post regarding the active tour so I’m only going to share a small amount of them now. Check back soon for even more.

A couple of the first photos MARK19 sent me were of his All Access Pass and this photo of Tha Native that he did in Black and White. If you’ve spent any time with Tha Native, you know he likes to joke around a lot and is always laughing. To me this is a great photo because it displays him in his usual state when around his friends.

Of course, Tha Native is always happy to take photos with friends and fans so here are a few of them. Maybe you’ll see yourself in them.

And before I forget, I gotta post a photo of MARK19. Thanks MARK19 for all the great photos and videos. I appreciate it a lot.

And yes, there are some videos. One is an interesting, but short clip of some Hungarian teens in a computer lab watching some videos by Tha Native. They watched more than a couple. Also included below is another short, but awesome clip of Tha Native performing a new and unreleased track that promises to be a true club banger. Take a listen, I think you’ll really like it.

If you like the new song and want to hear more, there’s actually a longer clip on Tha Native’s Instagram page. Go check it out and make sure to follow at

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