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Two Paths Music Video – A Must Watch

Several months ago, after joining the Voodoo Nation team, I came across a music video that really caught my attention. A music video that I feel should have seen way more views on the counter than it currently had; still only 4008 at the time of this writing. After watching it and then noticing it came out over four years ago, I was really shocked at the low amount of views. I mean, this is a very interesting song with a very atypical music video. It was done in a very cool black and white style animation with some occasional red blood that jumps out at the viewer in a three-dimensional manner reminiscent of a Quinton Tarantino movie. So, here’s the brief story. One day, probably around September 2016, I was checking out some of Tha Native’s older music videos from his Black Sheep album and this specific video caught my eye. I saw the smaller sort of thumbnail image off to the right for suggested videos in YouTube; I suppose that’s what it is. It’s like, “hey, if you like the video you’re watching now, check this one out too.” I was viewing several of his videos including some from his band, Dog Faced Gods, and YouTube probably thought I would be interested in this video based on the others I was watching. They were right.

I watched the music video and I was totally surprised. I knew nothing of this video even though I had watched several of his other videos over the years. Apparently this one slipped past me and slipped past a bunch of other people as well. But it’s a fascinating video as it corresponds perfectly with the lyrics and message of the song. What’s also interesting is that every time I watch it and my 9 year old daughter happens to be nearby, she comes up next to me and views it to the end. I think she’s a bit mesmerized by it. Maybe also the blood from the killings catch her attention. I’m not quite sure what she thinks of it as she hasn’t expressed an opinion to me, but she seems to like it. With that said I suddenly feel the need to ask her what she thinks. Hmmm… But anyways, this is where I was going to write one of those silly book reports we all had to do in school except mine was going to be based on this music video. But at this point I have decided not go into it because I think it’s best for you all to just go check it out for yourself and come up with your own thoughts and opinions. Pay close attention to the lyrics and how the music video brings to life this story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. And don’t forget, Tha Native has been putting in a lot of work at the studio in recent months so we should be seeing his first single any week now. So, keep in touch by making sure you check out his social media links at the top of this page and be sure to follow him.

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