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New Year’s Eve Party at San Manuel’s Tukut Lounge w/ Full Circle

Saturday night Tha Native joined Full Circle at Tukut Lounge for a special night celebrating the New Year. Below is Full Circle minus Tha Native. At this point he had already finished his songs and was probably backstage or having a drink with friends. As always, he did a handful of covers with Full Circle.

We said good bye to all the craziness and turbulence of 2016 and to all our beloved that are no longer physically with us. I mean, besides loved ones, did we not lose a lot of famous celebrities as well; right up to the end? But nothing is more difficult than losing those closest to us. So, we all welcome this new year and hope that the Creator has nothing but blessings for us all and makes this new year the best ever. We do expect some bumps and challenges along the way, that’s life; but we hope for the best and we will try to learn from our mistakes. So, let’s try and make this a fun and interesting year full of adventure, excitement and new, positive relationships.

Below, you’ll see the crowd getting down on the dance floor

Then just moments before midnight many of us entered the dance floor to count down until exactly midnight when the balloons and confetti dropped on top of us all.

And then the big moment hit and down came the confetti and balloons.

Thanks for coming by and be sure to check all the links above to Tha Native’s social media accounts. And if you haven’t see his most recent music video yet, please check it out here…

Native American Rap, American Indian Rapper, Native American Hip Hop, Native American Rapper, Inland Empire Hip Hop, Inland Empire Rapper, American Indian Hip Hop Artist

Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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