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Native American Rap Show Coming Soon

For the second weekend in a row a group of us went out for some drinks, karaoke, and dancing in the city of Redlands. We hit a few different spots, but, like the week before, we started the night out at The Underground. Okay, so last week we went out on a different night and there was no karaoke. But there is on Saturday nights at The Underground. I think The Underground has a nice energy from the young crowd, who we are guessing are mostly college students or recent college grads from University of Redlands. They seem to know how to have a good time and have great attitudes. This makes us that much more interested in performing there. And after talking with the owner the other day, it looks like they don’t have a lot going on, on Wednesday nights. The owner expressed the desire to turn Wednesday nights into a busy and fun night. Because of this we will be aiming to do a show in the near future on a Wednesday night. But, we do want to try and pack the house even though Wednesdays are not traditionally a busy night. We will need to get everyone out when we do this thing; hopefully in the next couple weeks or so. Here’s where we share some photos and/or videos from the weekend. The first one shows the crowd inside The Underground. It was actually busier than this photo shows.

The next photos were at the second place we hit; Tha Vault. I think we all really liked the way they decorate the place. I think we could do an Inland Empire Hip Hop show here in the courtyard. What do you all think?

The final place we hit was The Boiler Room. I think this was a first for most of us. Look at that crowd. It was packed inside and out. Not sure if they do live shows here, but it would be cool to do a hip hop show here. I think the crowd would love it.

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