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Venues in Redlands, Inland Empire Hip Hop

Inland Empire hip hop artist, Tha Native, went out Friday night to the city of Redlands. The main point of the visit was to check out some possible future venues for hip hop shows. Of course, we still made a fun night of it. At least I had a good time.

The first place we visited was The Underground. The photo of the bar below doesn’t fully illustrate just how packed this place was; especially the bar. The bar at times was surrounded by a crowd of eager and impatient partygoers. I know I waited longer than I wanted to. Below you’ll see Tha Native with Sony recording artist, Loomis, and Tha Native’s photographer, Jerry D.

You can see they do have some nice leather sofas to lounge on while there so that you’re not stuck standing or sitting at the crowded bar. But after a few drinks and deciding this would be a cool place to do a small show at, we moved on to the next location. The next place we went to was just upstairs. It’s called, The District. I’ve never been to this place and I’m pretty sure this was a first time for everyone else. This venue was a little bit bigger; maybe a lot. It’s a tad hard to judge because the layout was completely different and felt more open. That and there seemed to be a lot less people, but not dead by any means.

The thing I liked about this location, besides the extra space and open floorplan, was that it appeared classier and more elegant than the basement bar we had just arrived from. The details in the architecture, like what appeared to be the original ceiling, was detailed and artistic. The open double wooden doors at the entrance were very welcoming to us all. They, too, were quite stylish and attractive. Because the darkness of the room made it difficult to get photos of the details, I will only share a photo of some of the crowd, which also shows the DJ and dance floor area.

Before we knew it, though, we were off to our final destination of the night, Vault Martini Bar & Grill. Wait; they serve food? I don’t think they do on Friday nights. That would have been impossible. Anyways, along the way we came across this odd scene of chairs being balanced on their rear legs. Look; it’s not just the one in the foreground. Look closer. There’s like three or four more.

The Vault is an interesting little spot I’ve been to a few times in the past. It gets packed at least a couple nights a week. They have at least two inside rooms when you first enter, plus an interesting patio area that is more of a long and curvy courtyard with tall brick walls in every direction; if I remember correctly. I was, after all, quite intoxicated at this point. But check out the photo below of the patio area. And look closely to find Tha Native on the dance floor.

Well anyways, that was a good time having drinks and socializing and checking out some cool bars in neighboring Redlands. Next we will be talking with owners and/or managers regarding setting up some shows. Comment below or on Facebook where you’d like to see Tha Native perform at in the near future. You can find links to Tha Native’s social media accounts at the top of this page.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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