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Live Shows at San Manuel Casino and Cultural Presentations

Last weekend got crazy at San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA. There was no dressing up in costumes as Halloween has passed, but the freaks still came out at night in the IE.

Below is Full Circle coming out on stage and then getting things started for the night.

Tha Native eventually joined Full Circle for some songs including a wonderful cover of John Legend’s All Of Me. This song alone is good reason to watch Tha Native not just perform Native American hip hop, but also other types of music.

Tha Native is seen below doing his thing on stage at the Tukut Lounge last Friday night.

Tha Native recently did a couple more presentations at local elementary schools in the Inland Empire. He took several photos to make collages to share with his followers on Instagram. Follow him there if you have an Instagram account. His social media links are at the top of this page.

If you work at a local school or business that would find value in one of his presentations, please let us know. Tha Native would be more than happy to do so.

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