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Inland Empire fun at San Manuel Casino with Tha Native

This weekend we all had a lot of fun at San Manuel Casino. Tha Native performed two nights in a row with Full Circle inside the Tukut Lounge. Full Circle and Tha Native dressed up for Saturday night’s performance. Get a look at those awesome and funny costumes.

Check out Tha Native with Full Circle covering David Bowie’s Let’s Dance. Really good, right? It’s not the full song, but it’s a nice clip of Tha Native when not doing his own Native American hip hop. He’s a great singer who enjoys performing different types of music. If you’ve only seen or heard him doing hip hop, you gotta watch the clip below.

Several of Tha Native’s friends came out in support including Mighty Mo, a Road FC belt holder; myself, Ryan Harrison; Jerry D., whom is Tha Native’s photographer and is not pictured below; and many more. The photo on the far right is of Tha Native, dressed as Tommy Chong, with one of the band members. The photo in the middle left is with Mighty Mo. The middle right photo is me. I didn’t dress up.

Later on after the show a few of us hung out at Tha Native’s man cave where Full Circle was practicing earlier in the week. The photo on the left is me, Ryan Harrison, with Mighty Mo. The photo on the right is obviously Tha Native with Mo.

Tha Native will be performing at the Tukut Lounge inside San Manuel Casino again this weekend. The dates are November 4th and 5th and the show will start at 9:00 PM. Tha Native will join them on stage a little later in the night so if you show up early to see Tha Native, just hang out and enjoy the show until he arrives.

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