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Early last week

Early last week Tha Native took a working lunch at a local Mongolian BBQ restaurant. Here he discussed making some significant changes to two of his companies: Voodoo Nation Records and So Cal Native Clothing. In short, Tha Native will be making a renewed effort within these two companies. One effort will be to release more clothing options and designs, as well as trying to give customers more options on where to make purchases. He’ll be working with one or more large Internet retailers in the very near future to begin the process.

One of the other things discussed in this lunch meeting was possibly extending his local tour into more cities and counties within California. Please stay tuned for future announcements about that. One good way of doing that would be to subscribe to this blog using the RSS feed link below. If you have suggestions on specific cities or even specific venues to host Tha Native, please comment with that information in the comment section below.

Who went to the Art Laboe concert Saturday night at San Manuel Amphitheater? Did you see Tha Native there? Well, he did attend the concert and it was an excellent show. Tha Native went backstage with some friends to meet with some of the artists who performed that night. It was a great time.

Earlier in the day, Tha Native did a presentation on his local Serrano and Cahuilla culture at the Pali Retreat in Running Springs, CA. If you read the first blog post, it was mentioned there that one of his interests is educating people on his culture. Tha Native spoke to a very interested group of about 80 academics, who had many questions for him afterwards. To much surprise, the audience crowded around him asking more and more questions while missing out on the free lunch downstairs. It really was that intriguing and educational. The presentation content was something clearly lacking in today’s education system that these academic folks were very clearly interested in learning more about.

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