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Tha Native Live Streaming on Instagram

In the last blog I wrote I mentioned Tha Native doing some live streaming via Instagram. I didn’t go into it that much because I wanted to do a separate post, but then soon after that it seemed, as far as I could tell, Tha Native suddenly stopped live streaming. When that happened, I wasn’t sure if I could write another blog post telling everyone once again to watch out for his live streams. But recently, including early this morning (April 24), Tha Native has started live streaming again.

The first live streams I saw, several weeks back, were Tha Native with some musician friends and then weeks later he was doing them solo. For me, I was personally happy to see him doing them either way because its been a while since I’ve seen Tha Native in person. Maybe he’ll come visit me and we can do some karaoke at some local pubs in my area. Since I currently live outside the US, that would probably create some interesting blogs, right? Tha Native in Europe! I’m all for it.

Well anyways, let this blog simply be a reminder for you all to look out for more of those pop ups that Tha Native is live streaming. And they do tend to be late at night for most of you. Especially late if you aren’t in the west coast. If you are in Asia or eastern Europe, no biggie; mid day or maybe early AM like for me in western Europe. Also, be on the lookout for some more videos from new songs that will eventually be part of Tha Native’s new album, which will definitely be dropping in the coming weeks.

As for now, check out the latest video (AGA) posted to YouTube here:

Thanks and see ya soon! 


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