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Most downloaded song by Tha Native on iTunes

This blog post is to let you know, or remind you, that Tha Native has a lot of great songs for downloading on iTunes. He’s one of only a handful of really great Native American Hip Hop artists on iTunes. His style is not only strongly influenced by his Native American heritage, but also by his California roots, hence the song, I Love (California).

Tha Native’s most downloaded song, though, is Road Warrior, which features Kutt Calhoun and the increasingly popular Tech N9Ne, whom Tha Native has toured with in past years. I was planning on leaving a direct link to the iTunes page for it here, but it doesn’t seem to open the iTunes app and take you right to it; not for me at least. So, go ahead and just search “Road Warrior by Tha Native” in iTunes. But if you’d like to try out the link, this is it:

If you’d like to purchase this song, but don’t use iTunes, you can also try Amazon using this link:

But how about a direct link to this song right here:

Enjoy and stay tuned for more info on brand new songs by Tha Native dropping very soon. I’ve already heard a couple and I very seriously predict that they’ll top the sales of Road Warrior.

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Native American Hip Hop Artist, SoCal Rapper, Inland Empire Rap

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