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Inland Empire Hip Hop vs. Rock Halloween Costume Bash

Friday night Tha Native had a Halloween costume party at his place in the Inland Empire. The festivities featured live rock and hip hop music performances. There was only a $5 entrance fee, and that included some free drinks and unlimited, freshly made tacos and more from a great Inland Empire taco caterer.

Cash prizes of $500 were given out for scariest and sexiest costumes. There was also a raffle for several pieces of Sylvester Stallone movie memorabilia.

We’ve mentioned professional MMA fighter and current open weight Road FC champion, Mighty Mo, in the past. He joined the party as a scary jester. Very scary.

Tha Native’s friend, Yun J, stopped by to perform a few songs. Eventually Tha Native closed with his original style of Native American Hip Hop, sometimes taunting his DJ with a skeleton.

Here’s Tha Native with his DJ, MARK19.

There’s already talk of a possible New Year’s Eve party so if you missed the Halloween bash, please check back for news of a possible New Year’s Eve party.

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