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The First BLOG!

This is the first ever blog post for Native American Hip Hop Artist, Tha Native. Tha Native resides in Southern California on the San Manuel Indian Reservation. He has been in the music business for ten years creating different genres of music, most currently focused on Native American Hip Hop. He’s a multitalented individual with many interests, like educating young people and adults about Native American culture, especially his local Serrano and Cahuilla cultures.

This blog will give all of his friends and fans a chance to see what he does with his time when not performing in front of a crowd or educating people on his native culture. It will also include information regarding upcoming events and recent past event as well. You’ll also get to see photos and videos of recent events as well as some behind the scenes stuff too. We encourage readers to comment below with anything you like. Tha Native will do his best to find time in his busy schedule to respond to as many people as possible.

Currently, Tha Native is touring around Southern California with other local hip hop artists hitting many popular clubs and bars in Los Angeles and Orange counties as well as the Inland Empire. He has two shows coming up in Orange county that we hope to see you all at.

Most recently, Tha Native performed at Los Globos in Los Angeles. Here he performed a crowd favorite titled: Short Dawg, featuring the memorable hook, “I walk the streets with my baseball bat.” Tha Native recently started working on a music video for this song with a young, up and coming music video director. As soon as that video comes out of editing we’ll post a link here so you can view it on You Tube as well as other social media sites. If you’d like to hear the song now, it can be immediately downloaded off of iTunes and Amazon.

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